Monday, March 2, 2009

Splinters in My Brain!

Well, it has been a good, not great, first week on my new site!  So far, I haven't sold anything on yet, but I have met a whole lot of very nice, encouraging people!

It is a whole different, and very much nicer environment.  Everyone seems to be a part of a much larger team.  Last Saturday I had my first Bonanza, which is a special sale run for a hour or two giving a percentage discount during the event.   A lot of people stopped in and wished me the best of luck, and a few of them have 'Favorited' my booth.  I checked a few of the booths around mine, and guess what?  These were some of the people whom I had seen coming into my booth!

A more caring and supportive bunch of people can be found no where else on the internet; probably not in the brick-and-mortar world, either!

I have spent today and part of last night reading posts on several of the forums, and have come conclusions.  One of the mistakes that I made was to raise the prices on items in an attempt to recover losses from the high fees at my 'other', fee-based store.  After reading the forums, I checking on Google, and, believe it or not, my items showed up on the old site, at lower prices.  I have not had a store there for several months, and have nothing even listed on their auctions, but previous items still are listed!

Thinking further, why should I raise my prices now that I promote and sell them much cheaper on Bonanzle, I spent some time this afternoon lowering my prices to more accurately reflect what they were before I moved here.  Rome was not built in a day, neither was Bonanzle, nor was Al Hansen Woodworks.  I didn't lose a lot of money on the other site overnight, and I have decided that I don't need to make a ton of it here, overnight, either.

Take a look, see if there is something that you like.  If there is, great!  If not, check some of the other booths.  There is something for everyone at Bonanzle!

- Al